Krishna Incense

Please spare us less than three minutes to go through the must-be-known facts about our incense

We invite you to get a complete understanding of what pure incense is and how it is made. To do so, all you need to do is watch the five-minute videos below:

There are less than ten temples in our society where a few saintly and responsible diety department leaders make their incense with simple and natural ingredients for their  Deity worship. And a few other devotees operate some small-scale pure incense production units for the devotee public market. Thus there are only a handful of devotees who produce pure incense that has no adulteration of any kind.

All other temple boutiques or holy places sell nothing but chemical-coated incense, which is unsuitable for Deity worship and has cancer-causing ingredients.

Today everyone uses Incense rolled on bamboo sticks. The wooden sticks are made from bamboo, and the incense paste is rolled onto the bamboo sticks. According to the scriptures, burning bamboo sticks is offensive and inauspicious since bamboo represents the Goddess of fortune. This is the main reason why priests in traditional temples in India do not use incense sticks but replace them with Sambrani powder (a mixture of herbs and Gobhar), offering it into a container of burning coal for worship.

We may, in the name of practicality, buy any incense available in any temple store, but a serious spiritual practitioner will always try to offer the kind of incense that is pure and auspicious to the Deities. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Incense is an essential part of Deity worship. Only if you can source pure incense, use it for your worship; it is better to avoid offering it if you have doubts about its purity.

Our incense is made with a collection of various herbs in a simple, Sambrani style. Our incense creates smoke naturally. Its smoke is pure and therefore has no side effects. If you feel the smoke is a little heavy, keep it outside the temple — on the balcony or the veranda.

The whole project has no commercial goal. We have only one variety, and the production team is conscientious about the incense quality. We want blessings and no Bad Karma—we do not need to make any false propaganda and cheat the gullible public and devotees in the name of pure incense. What goes around comes around!

One box has sixty sticks. Each stick burns for longer than fifteen minutes. The cost per box is $9.00. Each stick costs 0.30 cents. In a month, a family spends $9.00 for their Deity worship.

Please gift boxes of our incense to your Deity department.

Whenever you get your turn to do arati at the temple, you can take this incense with you for the offering.

The project is being managed by a team of devotees who are financially well-situated by the grace of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga (with high-placed jobs in MNC companies). The project has no commercial goals whatsoever.

One ml ( one drop) of Sandalwood oil costs roughly Rs. 600(8 USD). Oils sold in Vrindavana, Mayapur and other temple boutiques are adulterated oils made with chemical ingredients. Therefore, please avoid using all those oils unless you can derive them directly from people involved in extracting pure oils. The chemical-mixed oils can cause skin cancer and other allergies.

If you want to purchase our incense, please email or WhatsApp at 001 832 983 4968. If we are occupied with other services, we may need a few days to respond, but we usually respond within two or three days. We are not taking phone calls right now because of the time factor, but if you want to speak, please feel free to write to us. We will then give you our number and fix a good time to call. We prefer communicating through WhatsApp or email.

Once we receive your orders, we will send our payment gateway information. We usually accept your payment through Zelle. Banks charge fees for their credit card services and other payment modes; Zelle charges no transaction fees and is instant.

Each box costs $9.00; you get free shipping for orders above ten boxes. We will send the order by FedEx (surface mode). Once we confirm your orders, we will let you know how long it will take us to deliver the incense to your place. When you send us a message, please mention your name, address and the number of boxes required. Please consider purchasing for one whole year. With a collective team of devotees, please place a single order, saving you the shipping costs.

The temple shop in Bhaktivedanta Manor ordered a good quantity of Incense for their congregation’s needs, and we had to print the boxes in bulk quantities. We are therefore using the same boxes for our distribution. The distribution is in no way connected with Manor Management.

Harini is the name of Srimathi Radhrani, which is why we have printed this all-auspicious name on the box.

The incense is produced to serve devotees who would like to offer good quality incense to the Lord. Please make sure that you purchase it only if you are satisfied. Otherwise, please bless us so that our service intention always remains pure.

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