Krishna Incense

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Our incense is very pure and made with natural herbal ingredients. There will be extra smoke from the incense, and that is due to the various herbs added. The smoke creates divine auspiciousness and drives away all evil energies or spirits. The incense is made with ayurvedic ingredients, which are used by traditional temples in India like Dwaraka, Sri Rangam and Puri. The smoke is also healthy according to Ayurveda, and the smoke will not stain any fabric or other surface. After the arati, if required, you can always keep the incense outside the temple in an open area.

This is one of the few incense projects with devotees making chemical-free incense in a small factory. It took us several years of careful study to start this project. We are cautious with incense production; we want blessings but not bad karma. Assuredly, this would be a beautiful offering for your Deities and an extra step toward improving the standards of Deity worship.

Please support this initiative by placing your order via WhatsApp at 001 832 983 4968 or emailing:

If you are not inclined to order right away, please give us your best wishes and blessings, so that the production team’s desire to serve devotees and the Deities always remains pure. Thank you. Hare Krishna!

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